Friday, 6 April 2012

Just Me and Her

Today April 6, 2012, officially, the mid-term break begins. DPP Sime Darby started quiet with no student who has gradually return home since a few days ago. But I'm still herein UUM with Rashidah Maon (Syida). Syida and I decided not to return home, because the period of break for a week is too short. Our home in Johor Bahru and the journey from Kedah to Johor by bustakes about 12 hours. So, it is just a waste of time. moreover, when the break end next week, a lot mid-term examination will be conducted. Rather than waste time with things that are less favorable at home, it is better we use the opportunity to make revisions. Not only that, the assignment is also a lot to be done in the coming. So, I think we have made a very accurate decision.

Hopefully we're strong in facing lonely day at UUM. ;-)

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  1. oohhh... my friend, may the sacrifice and reward our efforts rewarded with happiness :)