Monday, 16 April 2012

I stress, I need a Cat

As a student, my daily life has never been deserted by the pressure that comes in a many ways and circumstances. Each normal people would have had problems. What distinguishes a person is how they overcome the problem so as not to affect their daily routine.

At this time, I was reminded of my cats at home. I really like cats. For me, the cats can soothe and also reduce the stress that I face. According to a study, individuals who have a pet, whether cat, rabbit, dog, hamster or whatever, have a longer life. This is because interaction with pets can reduce stress and life will be better without the stress.

In UUM, I can not play with the cats. I could only see a cat picture. It is enough to make me feel calm and relaxed. Among the types of cats, Scottish Fold is my favorite. I really want to have a Scottish Fold cat someday. Scottish Fold cat is very loving and cute with a round face and ears are folding due to genetic mutations.

 Cemong and the geng..


  1. hahaha... comel kucing2 ni i like..

    1. hehee.. thanks to mr. google for the nice pic.. :)