Saturday, 7 April 2012

Help Me Allah

Every where I go
Every time I hear
I just want to shed a tear.
I cant bare at all
I still have faer.

I bite my lips to show how I really feel
People who took my heart
Broke it and misused it
They let it fall
Like they did to me.

Destroyed and dumbfound all over the floor
How can I ever look up to anyone up for.

All that I've been through
All that I struggled
All that I fought for.

I feel like I was smacked
I was hassled
I couldn't put a fight no more.

It's time for me to cross my swords.
I'm done.
I'm sufficient.
I'm must be adequate.

I let my heart break
I let myself go away
It's time for me to change and move on.

Ya Allah. It's your turn to help me.
I have no one
I'm no body
I'm sensitive
And I want myself to be sincere.

Allah help me
Support me.
I don't want to be done.
Give me a hand , Allah.

Ya Allah help me
Don't leave me hanging
Just please help...

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