Saturday, 28 April 2012

piece of memory

Life's Brief Candle

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, 
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day 

To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools 
The way to dusty death.
Out, out, brief candle! 

Life's but a walking shadow,
a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stageAnd then is heard no more:
it is a tale
Told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury, 

Signifying nothing.


I still remember this poem was taught when I was form 1, 9 years ago, for subject of English Literature. 

I also remember the teachers who teach English in my class at that time. Mrs. Haslina. She short and thin, but fierce. I was very scared because she is a strict teacher.  ^.^

That's How I Am

Everyone has their own way. Way of life. In the context of a student, each individual has their own way of learning. I also.

I had described myself as 'night person'. This is because, I'm more productive at night. I find it hard to study in the daytime, the environment is less comforting, I can't focus on my studies, and if I learned during the day, I had to repeat what I have learned a few times to understand and remember it.

However, this situation caused me to have bad sleep habits. Normally, a student will take a nap during the day and sleep at night. but I will sleep in the daytime after spending the whole night to study or complete the assignments. I think this is not normal. It is contrary to human nature to sleep at night. Effect, I always missed the morning class and also fell sleepy in the class for not getting an enough sleep.

During the examination, the situation becomes worse because sometimes I do not sleep until 2 days, and on the third day I will be half dead.

I have tried various ways that allow me to live a more normal than now. But it can't last for long, and I went back to the way I am comfortable.

Friday, 20 April 2012

ya Allah..

letih.. tu jela perkataan yang selalu keluar dari mulut aku sepanjang minggu ni. ya Allah, tuhan je yg tahu betapa penatnya.. midterm bertindan2.. assigmnt bertimbun2 nak kena hantar dlm masa terdekat.. jemu aku dengan semua nie.. kadang2 terfikir jugak kenapa aku pilih untuk jadi student? hahaa..

mata dah terkedip2 pedih dari pagi sampai sekarang menghadap screen laptop.. gara2 assignment FM.. apa kejadah ntah kena buat analisis annual report.. bukannya aku nie finance student pun.. blurrr.. semua benda aku tak tahu.. huhuu.. (merungut macam budak kecik)..

tambah menyakitkan hati, wifi slow internet slow.. macam mana nak guna my love ~ google.. serindit xbayar bill lagi agaknya kot.. haisshh.. nak buat kerja xlarat, tapi membebel larat lg nie.. hehe... kalau la tenaga manusia ni boleh charge macam kita charge handset kan senang.. beli satu, hari2 aku charge.. hahaaa..

bebel panjang 18 muka surat pun xkan siap kerja aku kalau x proceed.. hahaaa..

Monday, 16 April 2012

I stress, I need a Cat

As a student, my daily life has never been deserted by the pressure that comes in a many ways and circumstances. Each normal people would have had problems. What distinguishes a person is how they overcome the problem so as not to affect their daily routine.

At this time, I was reminded of my cats at home. I really like cats. For me, the cats can soothe and also reduce the stress that I face. According to a study, individuals who have a pet, whether cat, rabbit, dog, hamster or whatever, have a longer life. This is because interaction with pets can reduce stress and life will be better without the stress.

In UUM, I can not play with the cats. I could only see a cat picture. It is enough to make me feel calm and relaxed. Among the types of cats, Scottish Fold is my favorite. I really want to have a Scottish Fold cat someday. Scottish Fold cat is very loving and cute with a round face and ears are folding due to genetic mutations.

 Cemong and the geng..

Sunday, 8 April 2012


I just finished watching Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2011 (ABPBH) with Syida which aired on Tv3. We Watched through the UUM Tv (portal). I'm very enjoyed. At least I felt like I was watching at home with my family. Although we only use the laptop to watch, not so clear, but it is good enough for us to relieve stress.

Talk about the Awards, I am very happy because Aaron Aziz won the award for category of Most Popular Star. Congratulations to Aaron Aziz. I'm always his fans. He has great talent and also very good looking, which makes many girls and also me was captivated. I hope he will continue to grow and contribute to the development of the art home.

Congrat's Aaron Aziz :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Just Me and Her 2

Wow., very tiring. I sat in front of a laptop for more than 4 hours. This is all because I want to complete the task (resume) as soon as possible and then I still have a lot of other work to be completed.

My neck and hips feel sore. I can't imagine how someone who works in front of a laptop for 8 hours.

At this time, I can feel that all my friends whose back home were enjoying, sleep well after a day of fun with family. While I and Syida only facing assignments, books, assignments and books.. but sometimes FACEBOOK. hehehe :)

It is ok. I believe, all things that we sacrifice will bear fruit later on.

so tireddddd.. + sleepyyyy

Help Me Allah

Every where I go
Every time I hear
I just want to shed a tear.
I cant bare at all
I still have faer.

I bite my lips to show how I really feel
People who took my heart
Broke it and misused it
They let it fall
Like they did to me.

Destroyed and dumbfound all over the floor
How can I ever look up to anyone up for.

All that I've been through
All that I struggled
All that I fought for.

I feel like I was smacked
I was hassled
I couldn't put a fight no more.

It's time for me to cross my swords.
I'm done.
I'm sufficient.
I'm must be adequate.

I let my heart break
I let myself go away
It's time for me to change and move on.

Ya Allah. It's your turn to help me.
I have no one
I'm no body
I'm sensitive
And I want myself to be sincere.

Allah help me
Support me.
I don't want to be done.
Give me a hand , Allah.

Ya Allah help me
Don't leave me hanging
Just please help...

Friday, 6 April 2012

Just Me and Her

Today April 6, 2012, officially, the mid-term break begins. DPP Sime Darby started quiet with no student who has gradually return home since a few days ago. But I'm still herein UUM with Rashidah Maon (Syida). Syida and I decided not to return home, because the period of break for a week is too short. Our home in Johor Bahru and the journey from Kedah to Johor by bustakes about 12 hours. So, it is just a waste of time. moreover, when the break end next week, a lot mid-term examination will be conducted. Rather than waste time with things that are less favorable at home, it is better we use the opportunity to make revisions. Not only that, the assignment is also a lot to be done in the coming. So, I think we have made a very accurate decision.

Hopefully we're strong in facing lonely day at UUM. ;-)


Program: Seharian Berbakti
Date: 31 March 2012
Location: Kompleks Penyayang Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, Kangar, Perlis.

Today 6 April 2012, approximately a week after the program, I finally had the opportunity to publish this post. This is because my daily schedule is too packed with piles of assignments given by the lecturer. Very tiring.


Participants were divided into several groups joined by orphaned children which their ages range from 9 to 17 years old.
Some of the activities carried out during the day is to raise their spirit to achieve academic success and life goals.

To be frank, I'm proud with them because they proved very resilient in the face of such tests. I might not like their perseverance. I miss both of them and hope to meet them again.